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5 New Ways to Style Your Scarf

By Harley Wallace

The arrival of cooler weather doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style for warmth! Among our go-to seasonal accessories, the scarf is a well-loved fashion favourite. Hello form and function, need I say more. We’ve pulled together 5 fresh looks for those of you who are in need of some new styling inspiration! From a simple wrap to a flowy knot, take a look at our fun plays on a style classic.

drape scarf
woman excited about wearing drape scarf

The Drape

Perfect for a casual, low-maintenance look drape your scarf around you shoulders and let the ends hang loose. This works amazing with large blanket scarves and is as cozy as you can imagine! For a more sophisticated look, use a printed silk scarf or gauzy pastel paired with a lovely structured coat. // Simple Noelle $45.00

wrap and knot scarf
wrap and knot scarf closeup

The Wrap & Knot

Bring the volume and focal point to your neck with this wrap and knot style. Wrap the scarf once from the front of your neck so you end up with two loose ends in the front, then tie those ends to add volume! We tried tying the knot lower down the torso for an unexpected twist but it could be tied directly below the wrap as well. This style works great for highlighting a printed scarf or pashmina that has a little bit of weight to it. // Cherie Bliss 16.99

bandana scarf
closeup of bandana scarf

The Bandana Scarf

A twist on the much-loved circle infinity scarf, the bandana scarf has the same level of ease but with a new shape! Chunky knits work beautifully with the layered triangular cut of this scarf. Wear it, the same way you would an infinity scarf. // Simply Noelle $24.00

choker scarf with draping necklace - side view
choker scarf with draping necklace - front view

The Choker

Perfect for smaller, thinner scarves this style is wrapped tightly (but not too tightly) around the neck to create a choker look. The possbilities are endless depending on the scarf you choose! For a more polished look, fold your scarf to the desired width and wrap carefully. Or, try leaving a small knot with two short ends poking out for a french inspired take! We love the way it looks with a beautiful draping necklace, as pictured above. // Lace Scarf 16.99

Low Knot scarf
Cheetah Scarf in Low Knot

The Low Knot

Our final look involves playing with proportions! Here we’ve started with a simple drape but instead of wrapping, we’ve tied the ends into a low knot. This is a fun way to keep volume around the neck minimal and highlight any pattern detailing like this cheetah print. A pair of statement earrings would compliment this style perfectly! // Cheetah Scarf $16.99

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