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Canadian-Made Jewellery: The Perfect Gift

By Hannah J Harris

Jewellery is a timeless, classic gift made for any occasion, and these top-tier Canadian jewellery designers make finding the perfect gift simple, while giving us a chance to support our home and native land.

Silver Suspensions

Our first featured collection is designed and handcrafted in beautiful Boundary Bay, BC by Canadian Terena Agle. Working in her serene seaside studio, she creates masterful designs with sterling silver and organic textures that she infuses with an essence of vitality.

Silver Suspensions earrings designed by Terena Agle

Each of her geometric designs – adopted from her apprenticeship with an architect-turned-jeweller – is accompanied by an inspiration for its wearer. Whether they need a little confidence, good karma, or imagination, these designs are infused with reminders of life happening all around them, so your loved one will not only look good wearing their gift, but they will feel good, too.

Silver Suspensions earrings and necklaces uses Canadian-sourced sterling silver

Not only gorgeous, the Silver Suspensions pieces are also lovingly local from start to finish. Inspired by her mentor’s motto of “it is made right because it is made by hand”, Terena values the personalized touch of handcrafting each piece. Using only high-quality, Canadian-sourced sterling silver and adornments, each piece is infused with not just the workmanship of Canada, but the very foundation of it, too.

Filagree earrings made by Silver Suspensions Jewellery

Glee Jewelry

Hailing from glorious Victoria, BC, Glee Jewelry uses the natural wonder of Canada and perfectly pairs it with feminine flair to create gorgeous designs that effortlessly complement any outfit. They use the influence of nature to inspire their pieces and infuse the elements into each and every design to create beautiful harmony between earth and man – or, rather, woman.

Glee Jewelry earrings and necklace

To punctuate the delicate, individualized metalwork on each design, this collection uses organic flair – stunning stones and crystals, as well as hammered elements – to add dimension and texture. Swarovski crystals add brightness and sparkle, while the muted mattes of labradorite hypnotizes. Amethyst, smoky quartz, and dazzling druzies add a colourful touch, while turquoise adds an aquatic element.

Glee Jewelry earrings

Each piece is created with high-quality platings to ensure beautiful finishes that are hypoallergenic and lead-free, making them a perfect fit for all skin types. They’re also fully equipped to last with an anti-tarnish polish that will keep them looking their best for years to come, so your gift will live on throughout your loved one’s life.

Closeup of Glee Jewelry necklace high quality plating 

For a gift that won’t just accessorize your loved one’s life, but will enrich it with Canadian culture, Silver Suspensions and Glee Jewelry make a perfect choice. To browse our selection and to pick out your perfect gift, stop by Salisbury Fashion to grab yours today!