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Who Wore it Better?

By Katie K

If you’re reading this now, then we know you’ve got a keen eye for fashion. Don’t hide it – own it.

Own it like our fashionista, Emily, did in our copycat styling session with some of our latest clothing and jewelry introductions. But we’re just curious, for our own satisfaction (and slight glorification): Who wore it better? Scroll through and cast your vote.

The easiest way to make a statement — without actually standing up on the podium – is to wear an eye-catching piece of jewelry that needs no supporting actors. In our opinion, the Jacqueline Kent necklace our Emily is wearing makes more of a statement than Emily Blunt’s neck candy. But hey – you tell us!

Ivory is a classic color for any season. It’s subtle, yet stoic, whether you’re dashing for morning coffee or settling into an evening with a glass of wine. The pearl ball accents are an added touch of glitz that’s not too overbearing, too. So you tell us, do you fancy Jaime King’s morning outfit or Emily’s ready-to-chill style?!

Everyone loves a stylish, functional, mini backpack. We’re not talking the same bag you hoofed it to school with. We’re talking a leather-crafted, hold-almost-everything backpack while still looking incredibly trendy. It’s a backpack that allows both arms to move freely and casually while you continue your shopping. Here’s the thing: We’re tassel-trendy right now and Emily’s bag just has a little extra sway with it than Jessica Alba’s more simplistic texture. What say you? Which bag would YOU rather tote?

Orange was never the new black. Let’s face it – nothing can replace the original. It’s a hue that’s carried the fashion world for eons as a night-on-the-town color or everyday wear. But while Liliana Nova may look sleek and sheek in her sleeveless jumpsuit, we lean a little more practical and prefer a functional black outfit that covers the arms a bit and allows a little more, flexibility, if you will. Regardless, it’s not up to us: Which outfit do you prefer?

In the summertime, shades are a must-have accessory regardless of the season. Our go-to sunglasses are always within arm’s reach, even when there’s snow on the ground. The next best thing to sunglasses is your arm candy. You can’t adjust your shades without a stylish arm to accompany that action. And what outfit is complete without a complementary necklace (or two for layering)? It’s a quick and easy upgrade to any summer tee that takes little effort. Speaking of effort: Could you put a little effort into voting for your favorite style?

Angelina Jolie always seems to project a graceful, modern style to her ways that invokes envy. Her black, sheer gown obviously matches her red carpet demeanor allowing her sparkling eyelet earrings to catch one’s eye, but we feel Emily has elegantly imitated Angelina’s look. What do you think? Did one wear it better than the other?

Heck – maybe you’ll wear it better. If that’s the case, stroll on in and hit our runway! We can’t wait to see how you work it!

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