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What to Wear to a Workshop

By Katie K

If you’ve never been to a workshop at our greenhouse, you may not know what you’re getting into! Sometimes, we don’t know what we’re getting into, either. But that’s all part of the fun and benefits of a workshop. Every class is different, and every group of people brings new and creative ideas along with them. And frankly, what better way to spend a day in the middle of an Alberta winter than in the warmth of our greenhouse surrounded by a plethora of plants. You’re welcome to stay all day, if you’d like!

All our workshops are fairly active sessions. You’ll get your hands dirty, and maybe also your clothes, but we guarantee it’s going to be a fun time for you, your friends and even the kids!  

So, let’s talk about your attire. The greenhouse area is going to be warm – we’ve gotta keep our houseplants happy, after all! Dress in layers to comfortably brave the winter elements and also create your workshop masterpiece. Jeans, sweatshirts and tees are our go-to pieces so we can move freely. But, just like all fashionistas, we still like to look good while getting dirty.

Our fashion boutique is stocked with sassy sweatshirts and tell-all tees that perfectly articulate our weekend vibes.

Holy chic, because…well, holy chic says it all.

Gratitude is always in style. Grateful for your morning coffee? Grateful for your dog? Grateful for the chance to play in the dirt today?

Go ahead. Flaunt it.

A statement tee that also summarizes ideal workshop etiquette:

And if your primary weekend ensemble includes yoga pants (we feel ya, girl!) we’ve got a couple options that might look like a slight upgrade.

To get the denim look with the comforts of a slimming pair of leggings, these are a perfect hybrid.

When you like the idea of a high waist pant, but you crave a little flair to go along with it.

The only piece you might be missing is a pair of gloves. We’ll have those too, if you need ‘em!

Be Inspired.

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