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Spring 2019 Fashion Trend Report

By Hannah C

It’s always a little frustrating to read fashion trend reports when you live in Alberta. It always seems that the “trendsetters” are hyping up styles in a totally different climate – as in, a much warmer one. What’s a fashionista to do when all the ‘spring picks’ will hardly be wearable until the beginning of summer?

No worries, fashion girls! We’ve scoured the 2019 spring trends to curate a list of trends that are functional, wearable, and can transition beautifully from the year’s final flurries to its first flowers.

All Over Neutrals

If you’re going to splurge on any spring items, we always recommend investing in high-end neutral toned pieces. Neutrals are crisp, sophisticated, and perennial. Try a finely pleated midi- or maxi-skirt in a neutral beige, cream, or grey shade for a piece that adds great movement to every outfit. Or, if you haven’t already, invest in a classic camel trench coat. Every outfit in your closet – from office getups to your best going-out looks – looks even more elevated topped with a well-tailored trench.

Pale Blue

Paler shades of blue are having a moment right now. Periwinkle or baby blue blazers, mixed patterns in coordinating shades of blue, and light-wash jeans are all right on-trend this spring. Try a crisp pale blue tailored shirt tucked into your neutral skirt, or under that trench coat.

Colourful Suits

Whether or not you’re a fan of Hillary Clinton, her many shades of pantsuits made a lasting impression on the fashion community. This year, women’s workwear is going full Hillary with tailored pieces in every shade of the Easter rainbow. Pale pinks, lilacs, and shades of yellow both pale and bold are all making an appearance on the rack this season. Find yourself a set in the season’s hottest pale blues for an outfit sharp enough to win the vote.

Retro Silhouettes

 This has already been the year of throwbacks, from “Dad” sneakers to overalls. Make a statement by adopting some of the shapes that have snuck their way back into the rotation this year; bell sleeves, overall pinafores, and even relaxed Woodstock-inspired graphic tees. Influences from the 1970s to the late 90s are taking over the 2019 catwalk.

Utility Fashion

Sorry, Dad; cargo shorts are still not in. However, military-inspired canvas – from jackets, to pants, to workwear-inspired pieces, are all the rage for ladies. Utility fashion seems to be the evolution of the ‘menswear’-inspired trend that’s been popular for a few years now. For ages, women were sporting pieces inspired by suits, and now we’ve moved on to pieces inspired by the trades. At least now Dad can feel fashionable in his welding coveralls!

Clever Layering

Go ahead, find an Edmontonian that isn’t addicted to layering – I dare you. This year brings good news for all of us “layer cakes” out there: in 2019, all the usual rules are meant to be broken. From t-shirts under spaghetti straps, to cropped tops under oversized blazers, layering is about to get a lot more interesting.

At its best, spring fashion is meant to be playful and charming. Even the weather isn’t quite there for our tank tops and miniskirts, a great spring outfit should still make you feel light, airy, and cheerful after all those months swimming in a down coat. As luck would have it, we’ve just received our new arrivals in spring fashion right in time for the milder weather. Visit us at the Salisbury Fashion department soon to try on our favourite spring pieces – guaranteed to get you excited for patio season!

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