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Get The Look: Stylish And Sustainable Fashion By Nomads Hempwear

The temperature is starting to plummet in Edmonton, and so begins that morning struggle with the urge to wear cozy sweatpants all day—but now, with our Nomads hempwear fall collection, you can still look stellar without sacrificing comfort. Their unbelievably soft materials—made from blends of organic hemp, cotton, and bamboo—are carefully constructed into functional, cutting-edge pieces with modern design influences and luxurious colours. In other words, you aren’t going to look like you’re rolling out the door in your jammies when you wear your Nomads (though, it will probably feel like it!). The best part? The materials are sustainably sourced and super eco-friendly, so you can feel good about wearing them.

Nomads Hempwear 2019 Fall Collection

There’s a lot to love about this season’s newest styles from Nomads. For starters, the colour palette is so on-point. Rich jewel tones and dark neutrals flatter every skin tone, bringing a sophisticated air to your outfit, so you never look underdressed—even in a simple pullover and leggings! Mulled plum wine, charcoal grey, cranberry red, and olive green are the standout shades in this collection. Between neutrals, jewel tones, and earth tones, this collection features the perfect colour options for versatile mixing and matching. 

Nomads also struck gold with the line’s striking designs. Sometimes, less is more, and strategically-placed seamlines and asymmetric accents are the perfect recipe for a flattering, modern statement style. Take a look at some of these brand new pieces from the latest Nomads clothing collection, all available at Salisbury Greenhouse in Sherwood Park.

Nomads Pants And Leggings

If you’re an active type who hates to feel restricted by their clothing, you’ll love Nomads hemp wear leggings. The material is thick enough that you won’t have to worry about the ever-dreaded see-through bottom when bending over, and the artful geometry of their seam lines is undeniably cool. Subtle accents like lace panelling, a little bit of ruching, and chunky zippers make all the difference, so no one will be low-key judging you for wearing yoga pants without any intention of doing yoga. 

If leggings that fit like a second skin aren’t really your thing, Nomads has some fantastic hempwear joggers, capris, and breezy skirts in their signature breathable, natural fabrics. Pair them up with a tank top and a leather jacket, and you’ll be slaying the fall fashion game. 

Nomads Tops And Sweaters

This collection is all about the statement necklines. Cowl necks and chunky collars are coming back in a big way, and the new line of fall tops and sweaters totally nail this trend. We also love the few pieces in this collection with strappy, woven V-necks, which add a bit of spice to an otherwise casual, everyday look. It’s amazing how little design details can instantly dress up a casual piece. Toss one of their cotton pullovers or zip-ups over a pair of leggings with some ankle boots and a funky set of dangly earrings for a daytime look that will turn heads for all the right reasons. 

Asymmetry in the placement of their zippers, chunky buttons, and ruched accents truly flatter your figure, while artfully-placed skewed seams balance out your proportions, creating that sought-after hourglass look. Who knew sweatshirts could be so va-va-voom? 

Nomads Dresses

Full disclosure: we’re head over heels in love with this dress collection. There’s so much variety; from modern, tailored tunics, to fluttery, feminine sundresses and slinky little numbers that are perfect for a late night out on the town. That whole “beauty is pain” notion? Boo! Totally a thing of the past. You can dance all night in these ultra-comfy pieces, without the temptation to leave early so you can hop back into your sweats to binge-watch Netflix. If anything, these cozy dresses will probably become your new Netflix-watching uniform! 

When it gets colder, toss them over some fleece-lined tights with knee-high boots, so you can stay comfy and warm while still looking fierce. 

Salisbury Greenhouse is the primary Nomads retailer in Edmonton, so if you want to see their gorgeous fall collection in person, visit us in-store and try it on! Proceed with caution: this clothing line is so comfy, you may suddenly be compelled to swear off your skinny jeans forever.