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Our Ultimate Holiday Fashion Gift Guide For 2019

The season of giving is back again, so to make your holiday shopping as easy and stress-free as possible, we put together this snazzy little gift guide for our 2019 fashion collection. Our boutique is bursting with creative gifts for everyone on your list—from your dapper Grandpa Jim, to your kindergarten-style-influencer niece, and all your other fashion-savvy friends and fam. Doing your Christmas or Hanukkah shopping at the Salisbury Fashion boutique is pretty much a no-brainer: skip the treacherous shopping mall lineups, find everything you need in one spot, and support shopping local! 

Salisbury Fashion Holiday Gift Guide

All the items on our Edmonton holiday gift guide are specially selected from our favourite independent artisanal brands, so you can ditch the boring, mass-produced gifts and opt for something much more memorable. Here are our top picks for this holiday season that we know you’ll love! And hey, if you wanna pick out a few little gifts for yourself while you’re at it, we won’t judge. Treat yo’ self!

Pika & Bear Jewelry: We’re literally swooning over the latest pieces from this stunning Canadian jewelry collection, with modern designs inspired by Northern wildlife. From stackable rings to artsy earrings, and gorgeous embossed medallion necklaces with serious Game of Thrones vibes, you’re bound to find something that will send your special someone’s heart a-flutter. On top of having incredible designs, Pika & Bear is also doing wonderful things for wildlife conservation and social activism, so they’re definitely one of our all-time favourite designers in our fashion department.

Hot Sox: Christmas socks are a total classic for all the gentlemen on your list, but the wacky designs from Hot Sox totally set them apart from the rest. Statement socks are one of those few fashion items that are bursting with personality and still easy to get away with. Honestly though, have you ever seen a guy in a fancy suit cross his legs and reveal a multi-coloured sock emblazoned with Jedi Knights and Millennium Falcons? You gotta admit, it’s pretty badass.

Leopard Print: This ferocious textile made some serious waves in the fashion scene this year, and it’s showing no signs of losing momentum. This fabulously feline motif can be found on several of our newest tops in the fashion boutique, as well as some fun jewelry pieces from a variety of independent designers. If there’s a lady in your life with plenty of swagger and sass, she’ll be pretty jazzed about a new wardrobe piece serving total jungle cat realness.  

Statement Purses: With all the parties and events that pop up over the winter season, there’s no reason to tote around a plain everyday bag full of old receipts and granola bar wrappers. A fun statement bag, like our ticking clock purse, is a perfect accessory to top off a party outfit. The clock really works, so you can keep tabs on the time and depart before your carriage turns back into a pumpkin. For all the party people and dancing queens in your life, a funky purse is sure to be a much-loved gift.

All-Glitter Everything: Winter fashion is all about the sparkle. After all, the ground is covered in a glittering blanket of silvery-white snow, and we all love a look that’s perfectly coordinated. If there’s anyone on your list who steadfastly believes that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, one of our glittery tops from our winter fashion collection will make a fantastic gift. 

Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Beauty Products: Turns out, we’ve got so much more than just fashion in our fashion department! Naturally sourced, wholesome beauty products are always a great gift for those hard-to-shop-for types. Beekman 1802 was launched by a lovely couple in New York City who infuse their luxurious skincare, haircare, and makeup products with goat’s milk from their own farm. Their products have stellar reviews across the board, and their packaging is exquisite too. Grab a couple of smaller lotion bottles and lip balms for stocking stuffers, or some assorted gift packs for something a little more substantial.

Michele Design Candles: Our candle addiction is too real, and the sensational scents crafted by Michele Design Works are absolutely intoxicating. Fruity citrus candles, floral botanicals, and scrumptiously sweet dessert-inspired scents dominate this trendy line, but their latest candles from the Christmas collection make a very timely gift. We’ve even got gift sets with assorted aromatherapy products that Mom will definitely love. Nothing beats a blissed-out, cozy evening at home, wafting in the scent of warm gingerbread or fresh-cut boughs of spruce.

There’s no reason to overcomplicate gift-giving this time of year—from planning Christmas dinner to making time to visit family and friends, you’ve got enough on your plate. Make your gift shopping quick and easy at the Salisbury Fashion boutique, and we’ll gladly help you find a fabulous gift for all your nearest and dearest.