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Art Deco Looks For The New Roaring ‘20s

With the 2020s just around the corner, we are all about bringing on the resurgence of opulent, art deco, roaring ‘20s-inspired designer looks! Somehow, even though it was a hundred years ago, that era of fashion is still totally cutting edge. The hallmark of this timeless aesthetic, without a doubt, is copious amounts of sparkle. Yet, instead of looking gaudy or overdone, ‘20s jewelry always looks totally sophisticated! The key to pulling off all that bling is opting for pieces with striking geometry and linework integrated into the design. When there’s a clear pattern, bold lines and symmetry, the impact is way stronger — effortlessly cool, and never clunky. Take a look at our favourite new pieces from our 2020 line! 


Roaring ‘20s Art Deco Looks To Kick Off The New Decade

Wanna serve some Edmonton roaring ‘20s art deco looks at your next holiday party? Snag some of these gorgeous pieces that Greta Garbo would very much approve of:

Geometric Crystal Studs

These chunky studs look like they time travelled into 2020 from the prohibition era. The fan shape is a common motif in ‘20’s designs, and we have two sets of fan-shaped studs that definitely fit the bill. The goldtone studs with a single stone accent are super versatile and can be worn with casual or formal outfits, whereas the all-crystal fans bring the wow-factor to a dressy evening outfit.

For a pop of colour, our multi-tonal stone studs have a floral look about them, but with defined stone shapes that remind us of tangrams! Sage green, rose, pearl, crystal, and gold accents bring subtle whimsy and lighthearted fun to this fancy accessory. 

Dangly Metallic Art Deco Earrings

Long, dramatic lines and triangle shapes are very ‘20’s, and when these design principles are used in earrings, they create the illusion of a long, swan-like neck — so Old Hollywood. ‘20’s silhouettes were all about being long and wispy, and our three goldtone pieces from the new collection totally nail that effect. We’re kind of obsessed with the arrowhead hook earrings that have that classic sunburst line motif — they look like they jumped off the canvas of an Erté painting!

Opulent Crystal Chandelier Earrings

If you really wanna go all out and bring on the glamour, a dramatic pair of chandelier earrings are sure to wow the crowd. Throw on a fancy faux fur coat and a sparkly minidress, and you’ll be serving some serious Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly realness. Promise us you won’t get carried away and plot murder against your lover… something tells us things won’t go as well in real life as they do in the Chicago musical. 

Chunky Faceted Bead Necklaces

We really dig the icy blue tones in these retro-style beaded necklaces — the perfect blend of old meets new. After all, classic blue was just named the 2020 Colour of the Year by Pantone! They’re surprisingly versatile too. You could easily wear this piece over a collared button-up to work, and then switch things up for the evening with a classic LBD and heels. Fire up the gramophone and play a swingin’ jazz tune, cuz these necklaces are the cat’s pyjamas!

Colour Block Cubist Earrings

These square stone earrings with goldtone trim are giving us serious Picasso vibes. They’re just casual enough that you could pull them off at work with a cool all-black outfit. We’re thinking turtleneck and pencil pants, or a boxy midi-length dress in a breezy material. So chic! If you have more of a warm palette to your hair, skin, and eyes, opt for the gold and red accented studs, whereas if you have a cooler complexion, the green and silver ones will look simply smashing! 

Swirling Statement Rings

Your 1920’s-inspired evening look just wouldn’t be complete without a chunky crystal ring with swirly metalwork and circular stones. It will glint in the light beautifully as you lift your champagne glass and cheers to the new year, or whatever you’re in the mood to celebrate. These two silver rings from the holiday collection amp up the retro glam vibes, with that circles-in-circles pattern that’s reminiscent of a Frank Lloyd Wright design. Back in the day, the slang term for something fabulous was “hotsy-totsy,” but we’re just gonna stick to calling them fabulous. We’ll adopt the ‘20’s fashion, but that “hip” lingo can remain in the previous century, thank you very much.


Roll into the new decade dripping with jewels, dazzling your many admirers with your spectacular fashion sense. Consider this the ‘20s version 2.0, where all the hottest styles combine classic prohibition era influences with modern garments and materials. Visit the Salisbury fashion boutique to snatch up some of these exclusive pieces — we have a feeling they’re going to be flying off the shelves in the new year!